WBUK sessions


WBUK is a National Body for the activity named Walking Basketball.


WBUK encourage all those who struggle with the idea of Sport or Physical
exercise to come along to one WBUK Walking Basketball sessions, it's PURE fun.


At WBUK sessions, you will be looked after by a WBUK qualified  Activator, with WBUK sessions:

       ·      Are 1 hour

       ·      Are Low impact cardio training

       ·      Has Lots of breaks during the session

       ·       Are LOTS of fun

       ·      Teaches you new skills

       ·      Meet new people

       ·      Accessible for men and women

       ·      STRESS free environment

       ·      Opportunity to play matches ‎against other WBUK Clubs at one of the WBUK Tournaments.


WBUK is a proven form of a successful  activity for:

       ·      50plus

       ·      Overweight

       ·      Inactive

       ·      Rehabilitation

But it is OPEN to all.

‎For more information on your nearest session see our Members Page.